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Wide open spaces, thousands of miles of uninterrupted lakes and mountains, there is more to Killarney than meets the eye.

Discover the surroundings on your doorstep at the Killarney Towers Hotel and Leisure Centre. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to provide you with any further travel assistance you may require. 

We've rounded up a list of the ultimate things to see and do on your next trip to Killarney. 

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Lakeside Wonders

You have probably heard of the Lakes of Killarney, but there is always something new to discover at the three lakes that surround Ireland's oldest national park. 

Lough Leane, the lower lake, is located nearest Killarney Town and is home to the historic Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle.  The wooded area of Muckross divides the lower lake from the middle lake, otherwise known as Muckross Lake.  Muckross Lake loop is a signposted route from Muckross House, passing by traditional working farms and elegant gardens along the way. 

As you reach the western edge of Muckross Lake, you will find the 200-year old Dinnis Cottage. Enjoy refreshments here before heading towards the short path that leads to the 'Meeting of the Waters'.  Where the upper lake flows to the lower loughs.

Killarney National Park

Step outside the door of The Killarney Towers Hotel and you’ll find yourself at the entrance to Killarney National Park across the street. The Killarney National Park is a sprawling 26,000-acre landscape of gorgeous looped walks, tranquil woodlands, and lakes. Remember to keep an eye out for some wildlife on your way.  Did you know the park is home to the only herd of native red deer in Ireland and is a designated UNESCO Biosphere?


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Close to Nature

With tours from Mor Active and Outside Ireland, you can explore the hidden island inlets on the lakes of Killarney and discover how the landscape was formed whilst learning about the history. 

If you prefer to take in the route from the road, there are several driving routes you can take on the Ring of Kerry, each offering their own scenic views and pit stops for photographs. 

Cycling Routes

With so many cycling routes in the area to choose from, it is worth mapping out your journey and deciding what route is best for you. 

The Gap of Dunloe Route: Begin this route from the town centre on paved surfaces. Please note the Gap of Dunloe can be a busy area with horse and carriage tours, so be sure to take extra care.  A hybrid or racing bicycle is recommended for this route.

Drive the Ring of Kerry

No visit to Kerry is complete without exploring the Ring of Kerry. Described by travel writers as one of Ireland’s most iconic driving routes, the Ring of Kerry offers some of the most scenic views in Ireland. Wander the curving roads, jagged coastlines, and be amazed at every turn. Begin the journey from Killarney.

Hiking - Cardiac Hill & Torc Mountain

With its winding path and spectacular views, Cardiac Hill is defiantly worth a ramble. Not for the faint-hearted, the trail is highly recommended if you are looking for a challenge, while your hard work will be rewarded with amazing views of the lakes when you reach the top.

If you want to do a longer hike, try Torc Mountain. Your journey to reach the top of Torc will allow you to take in breath-taking views of the famous Torc Waterfall and lakes along the way.

Walking Trails - Gap of Dunloe

The Gap of Dunloe – a quick drive from Killarney – is a must-see. Stretching 11km through the Black Valley, you can walk, cycle or climb through the wondrous views of the natural beauty.

A great place to start exploring is the Muckross Estate, just outside Killarney Town. Walks include visits to the beautiful formal gardens and historic buildings of the Muckross Demesne. You may even be lucky enough to spot some Red Deer along the way!

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